Setting Up Roomly

Roomly’€™s display and scheduling features are powered by Google Calendar, making it ideal for organizations that use Google Calendar as their primary scheduling tool.

Set Up Google Calendar

To use the Roomly app, you first must have a Google Calendar for your organization, and have each of your meeting spaces set up as resources on that calendar. If you currently use Google Calendar to schedule meetings and reserve rooms, there’€™s a good chance this has already been done.

If you need to set up a calendar or its resources, you can find step-by-step instructions from Google here: About Calendar Resources. It’€™s a pretty straightforward process.

Log in with Roomly

Once your Google Calendar is all set, download and install Roomly on an iPad (2nd Generation or newer) or an iPad Mini.

Log into Roomly using a Google account with administrative access to your calendar account.

Then, select the resource / meeting space you’€™d like to associate with that device, and mount the iPad next to the entryway of that room.

Enjoy Roomly

Roomly will then display meeting information for that space. Any changes made to your Google Calendar from any device will automatically appear on Roomly’€™s screen.

Those who are using the full version of the Roomly software can also use the app to reserve that room on the spot, which is perfect for impromptu meetings or quickly reserving a space that’€™s in high demand.

You can repeat these steps and set up an iPad digital placard for every meeting space. All will seamlessly sync as meetings are added, updated or removed from your organization’€™s Google Calendar.